Looking to improve your wellness and be the energy you want to attact? 

This Vitatlity kit includes:

Yellow candle to attract a vibrant life

Oregno Oil- for you immune health (oral)

Bergamont Oil- for vitality and stress (external)

Vibratiion spritz- To help raise your vibration when you are feeling low.

Sage- Clears all negative energy from your space and your self, also kills bacteria

Golden Goddess Elixir- A vegan and organic blend of tumeric and spices, perfect for a night time tea to boost your immune system. Tumeric is a spice commonly use for its medicanal properties. 

Black and gold feather-. It symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom.


The concept of vitality has deep roots in Eastern philosophies and healing traditions. The ancient Chinese concept of Chi, the Japanese notion of Ki, the Balinese notion of Bayu, and the Indian notion of Prana all refer to an underlying life energy or force that flows through living things and is the basis of life and health. All products are hand made with organic and vegan ingredients. 

Vitality Kit