About Me

Rachel Bailey is a Queer Black Interdisciplinary Artist, the representation of her artwork encompasses her many identities while uplifting and inspiring all those it may encounter.

This New York born artist, studied IT and Multimedia at NJIT and later went on to study Graphic Design & Photography at Swinburne University in Kuching, Malaysia. Rachel then became a a certified Graphic Designer from Baruch College in 2012.

In 2015 Rachel found her inspiration for the brand Sacred I AM from the wisdom of her ancestors, the sacredness of her tears, the truth of her voice, and in the healing of her wounds. While in her sacred garden Rachel embarked on a journey of deepening, growing, and blossoming upon her fertile soil/soul.

The conjured up vision for Sacred I AM reaffirms the body is a sacred place all with in its own, worth taking several visits to calling you to your higher self. Rachel adds, "The brand Sacred I AM reminds us when our world moves to fast and we lose ourselves; breathe in your sacredness, it is in your tears, it is in your smile, it is in your laughter, it is in your words. Just listen to the call to Awaken Your Infinite Power.”

Rachel looks forwarding to working with you and helping your creative vision come to light. Feel free to email her at Rachel@sacrediam.com

Graphic Design Guru